Benefits of buying at LHLDC


We are the leading and most trusted housing provider in Lesotho. We have housing and sites project around Lesotho. Our sites and houses are affordable because they are designed to cater for all income groups making them the most suitable choice for a housing solution. We take pride in our service delivery and have a team of professionals to assist you throughout the sale process.

Buying a site or house at LHLDC guarantees you;

  • A one stop shop for your property buying process.
  • Flexibility of payments.
  • Security of tenure.
  • Planned settlements.
  • Availability of basic services
  • Attractive amenities (parks, shopping complex, schools etc.)

If you are looking to buy property, then we are who you are looking for. Welcome to LHLDC, as we continue to HOUSE THE NATION, let us house you.

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