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Lesotho Housing and Land Development Corporation (LHLDC)

LHLDC is the implementing agency of the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftainship Affairs mandated to provide shelter for Basotho nation in the form of serviced sites, housing construction for home ownership and rental accommodation.

The LHLDC was established under the LHLDC Order No. 12, 1988 as amended, by the Minister of Interior, Chieftainship Affairs and Rural Development which is now the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftainship (MLGC).It was established as a body corporate with perpetual succession.  

The Corporation has two (2) shareholders, the Government of Lesotho (Majority shareholder) and the Lesotho National Development Corporation (Minority shareholder). As a Corporate body it has the power to sue and be sued.  It performs all duties imposed upon it and exercise all powers conferred upon it by or under the LHLDC Order.

The LHLDC is the product of a merger between the then Lower Income Housing Company (LEHCO-OP) and Lesotho Housing Corporation (LHC).  While the two (2) defunct institutions were purposely established to serve specific income groups, being low and middle income, the new Corporation established per Order No. 12 of 1988 as amended was mandated to assist all Basotho access shelter.

Since its establishment in 1988, the Corporation has remarkable foot prints across the Country. It has successfully implemented residential development projects of different magnitudes at different places around the Country, most of which turned into recognized suburbs which have uplifted faces of many towns. Below are all the projects undertaken by LHLDC since its birth in 1988;

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