Existing Tenants Overview

Property maintenance responsibility

The Corporation handles all maintenance issues except for those deemed to have occurred due to negligence, this becomes the tenant`s responsibility.

Emergency Maintenance

During non-business hours and on weekends, Emergency Maintenance is available by calling +266 (22) 31 3736. Please speak slowly and leave a clear message with the time, address and a phone number where you can be reached easily. Call this number only in a serious emergency such as a flood, power failure to the whole unit, elevator breakdown, no heat, or when someone’s safety is at immediate risk. Remember to speak slowly & clearly. Should the issue not be deemed a legitimate emergency, you could be charged for our time.

Notice of Entry

Our protocol requires that at least 24 hours notice is provided before we enter your home to do repairs or conduct an inspection, unless it is an emergency situation or you have given us permission ahead of time. All repairs will be done during business hours, 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Unit inspections occur annually and we will send out notices of the inspection schedule before we come into your home to perform inspections.

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